Destroy All Calendars

by Run with the Hunted

(free) 03:40


released March 30, 2009

Recorded in September of 2008 by Cory Spotts.
All music by RWTH.



all rights reserved


Run with the Hunted Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Stepping On Cracks
Stepping on Cracks

Pouring over these pages
Searching for an answer to a question
I never even wanted to ask
But the fact remains
You're gone and never looking back
Doesn't matter much
Cause I'm looking down anyways
My head's quite heavy these days
Weighed down by an honest
Lack of understanding
I gave you everything I had
You gave me nothing back
I'm pulling out my hair
And planting all the roots
Touch the sun for me baby
My spine is broken
Bent over backwards
One too many times
It was never enough
And if you could fill these bags under my eyes
What would you put in them?
Once again you've got
Nothing left to give
So I've limped my way into a corner
And I'm bleeding miserably
Hand me another bandage will ya?
So much time spent chasing ghosts
My life is haunted
So fucking haunted
I won't let you see me like this
So close your eyes and just walk away
Your eyes betray
what your lips won't say
Agony the world will never see
All I'm losing is me
Track Name: Of Course It's Dark, It's A Suicide Note
Of Course It's Dark, It's a Suicide Note

The world we know is dying. The world we knew is dead
And even though we're trying, I know that it's too late
To save a dying breed takes strength and compassion beyond belief
Living in the ruins of this failure is enough to break the best of us
So why help build it up, when we can tear it all down?
But if there's something to be said for all the innocent blood that's been shed
It must be that life is beautiful
To value that which matters most, to love and laugh and hold it close
They can't take that away from me
I'll choose my battles carefully but I will always choose to fight
Injustice is never acceptable
Mark my words, when the tables turn
You'll be the one staring down the barrel of a gun
When the odds are stacked against you the world can seem unfair
They make the rules to serve their interests
They taken everything I love and sealed off every entrance
But what they fail to realize will see to their demise
They rape and steal, they lie and kill
They're fucking empty inside
They fight for nothing
And leave us with something worth fighting for
Something worth fighting for
Track Name: Time And Pressure
Time and Pressure

When I say I’m losing,
What I really mean is that I’m on my way
To being lost in something more
Well that doesn’t sound so bad now does it?
I’ve rubbed shoulders with people looking to be found
To be someone,
To be something,
To just be proud
To tilt their heads back and bask
In a lukewarm spotlight
Cast down from catwalks of superstition
I’ve shaken hands with men
Whose finely tailored suits
Just didn’t fit
Clothes don’t make the man
So stop wearing yourself thin
To a clinical observer of the human carnival
The games all sound the same
“Pick me, pick me, love me, use me.”
They call to each other like crickets at dusk
And I rock myself to sleep
Softly, to their song
There’s music in the sky if you know how to listen up
There’s power in the soil if you let yourself believe
And there’s good company to be found at eye level
Stop looking up, stop feeling down
Stop trying to be found
Lose yourself
There’s a liar in everything familiar
Track Name: Destroy All Calendars
Destroy all Calendars

How can this be?
How could this have possibly happened?
Everything I’ve ever been told, merely a lie
Wrapped up in comfortable mythology
Suffocated by false pursuits of happiness
A culture born at any expense
From the ashes of history this monolith rises
Skyward, ascending reality
Leaving in its wake a trail of blood
For a saddened existence
A societal foundation built on careful calculation
Lies and insanity, superego and conquest, unhappiness in destruction
Hand in hand
When the outcome rules the process,
When the end consumes the means,
We leave ourselves with one option: extinction
But these ideas run deep
Firmly rooted in an inferior superiority complex
What cannot be conquered can never be understood
What does not assimilate must be destroyed
Whatever it takes to feed this insatiable civilization
I hang my head and tense my body in horror
In defiance.
For I have ripped this culture’s veil from my tired eyes
Peered into its mythology long enough to realize,
I don’t want to be a part of it another day
I don’t want to be a part of it another fucking day