Find Your Way Out

by Run with the Hunted

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released September 1, 2007

Recorded in Summer 2007 with Byron @ Villain Recording.
All music by RWTH.
All song titles by Arrested Development.



all rights reserved


Run with the Hunted Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: I've Made A Huge Mistake
I've Made A Huge Mistake

And so it unfolds, before our very eyes
The harsh realities of a world gone cold
Devoid of the human warmth which once radiated
From a thousand hearts
Beating a common beat, pumping a family blood
Thick, red love coursing through the arteries
Of this fallen angel called humanity.

The greatest potential ever known
Tossed aside, ostracized and left to decompose
In a most earthly way

If others happened upon our beautiful failure
Would they celebrate our meager triumphs?
Or trumpet our resounding defeats?

Wrap themselves in our severed wings
And fly into the safety of tomorrow
The greatest potential ever known (laid to waste)
Cast aside, demonized, disregarded, and over-played
When this the tragedy of the commons
Draws to a close…
The lights will fade, dim to absolute darkness
And the others, will rise from their seats
Pausing to reflect, on their own plight
Just before shuffling into the aisles and continuing

Onward and upward (can we rise above)
Onward and upward (what humanity has become)
Track Name: Bob Loblaw's Law Blog
Bob Loblaw's Law Blog

So you took a chance and risked it all
Guess I should have done the same when I could've
I took the safest route, once again
And it only led to a place I rarely tread
No silver lining, no other way about it
I'm green with envy, and ripe with hatred for my inability
To dive headfirst, the only way I thought I knew
So this is what it took (to make me realize how I feel about you)

I guess I did a pretty good job, lied through my teeth
Tried to suppress feelings not so long gone
Just conveniently dismissed, for the sake of timing
At least now I know where I stand, still alone, bitter
And frustrated with the confusion, of possibility (use your illusion)

I fed you to the lions
Dressed you in a disguise, of prepared temptation
Breathed you in deep, one last time
Then consciously sent you into their jaws

Now as I sit here and attempt to make sense of this can of worms
You've dumped in my fucking lap

My closest friend, my biggest enemy
Dwell within, the same chasm I've left vacant for my demons.
Track Name: Excuse Me, Do These Effectively Hide My Thunder?
Of all the frustrations life has to offer
Surely there is none greater than this
To watch you fade away
Eyes glazed, snout gray
With nothing but a helpless whimper
To shame a legacy of such elated love
Somehow I knew this day would come
Though I fought it with everything, that I could muster

What is it to say goodbye?
To the ones you don't want to leave you
To be left buried under the weight of joyous memories
And with the task of burying your heart under six feet of lonely earth
I am so fucking exasperated
At my inability to do more for you

When left without a choice
One of us dies
And the other dies. A little inside
As the sun sets onto this, your final night
I profress my anguish on these pages
Left with little more than inevitability to comfort my broken heart

I love you with all that I have.
Gone but not forgotten old friend
Gone, but never forgotten.
Track Name: For British Eyes Only
For British Eyes Only...

I've reached the point of no return
And I must say it looks all too familiar
For the life of me I can't understand why I do this to you all
Why I do this to myself
And I wake up everyday wondering (does it really have to be like this?)

My words so sharp and aimed so true
It's no wonder I'm the only one left standing
I've done it all, and failed each time
Watching everyone fall away, piece by piece, one by one
Yet somehow I remain afloat, clinging helplessly to the past
As if what happened then will save me now
How could I be so naive

Believing verbal justification will right these wrongs
Regurgitating the same apologies time and time again....

Well if talk is cheap, then I'm in debt
And there's no one left to blame
No one in sight to point my finger at
Got to throw these skeletons, from my closet (cause the oldest habits die the hardest)
Time to face these demons and feel their wrath....

I can't say I didn't see it coming
Just foolishly assumed the day would never come
Well here it is, and I hate myself
Who would have guessed?
Track Name: Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy

I've waited seven long years to say this
And though I've already said it a thousand times before
On these pages, and under my breath
I can't afford to dress it up in metaphors another second

When wishing death upon you, doesn't come close
To the punishment you deserve
I'll fantasize justly morbid thoughts
And let this hate boil over
A life if failure should be shame enough…

Cause you can't change minds with a cross and a gun
And you swore to destroy the very thing that you've become
If you want to end terror, take a look in the mirror
Stick a knife in your throat, and cut from ear to ear